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Are your nocks aligned properly?  How this tool was developed.

Think of the "Archery Nock Tools" as Socket Wrench set for your arrows.


Archery nock tools allow you to quickly and accurately adjust the alignment of the nocks on your arrows.  Once you have tuned one arrow to shoot perfectly you can quickly tune all of your arrows using the "Archery Nock Tool."  This is a must have for target archers and bow hunters. The alignment tool allows you to check the nocks in seconds before a hunt or a big tournament.  You have confidence in knowing your arrows are perfect when you shoot. 

In the past the nocks on your arrows have been aligned by most people by “eye” and this is not very accurate.  Now there is a very affordable tool that will allow you check the alignment of your arrows nocks.   

Proper tuning of your archery equipment is essential to shooting as good you want to shoot.  However one of the most important and least looked at adjustment is making sure that your arrows leave the bow without hitting the bow or the arrow rest.  There are several ways to discover if arrows are touching the bow and arrow rest.  The way you adjust this is by tuning the nock of each arrow so this  problem is minimized.  But how do you transfer this information to each arrow in your set and how do you check it to make sure the nock is still in proper alignment.   Now you can make precision alignment adjustments when need so you have the confidence that your equipment is in top shape.

Modern archery equipment is the best that has ever been produced.  The compound bows of today are most often shot using a release aid.  Very few archers that use compound bows shoot using their fingers. 

Recurve bows on the other hand are quite often shot using fingers instead of release aid.  When shooting with fingers it is very important to tune the bow, the nocking point and the arrows.  Because of the torque applied to the arrow as the bow string leaves the fingers, it is common to find the arrow hitting the arrow rest or bow.

You have to tune each arrow buy twisting the nock until the arrow leaves the bow and arrow rest cleanly.  In the past this has been a slow process and somewhat inaccurate exercise. The first step is to get one arrow to shoot cleanly from the bow.  Then with the nock tool guide you can align the nocks on all of the rest of your arrows in a matter of seconds.  You don’t have to tune each arrow and you have the confidence knowing that all the arrows will shoot the same.

Shooting a bow good has a great deal to do with your mental attitude.  If you know that your equipment is as good as you can get it, then you know when you miss the target it was you.  Confidence in knowing that the nocks are aligned is just one of the little things that can make a difference in your shooting.


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